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Really Delicious Typical Albanian Food Review

Really Delicious Typical Albanian Food Review

According to one of the best reasons everyone should include Albania in their basket rankings where the utility is seen is the food. Typical Albanian Albanian Culinary is very good, fresh and delicious. me and you can taste beautiful dishes in fancy restaurants as well as amazing street food.


The most popular food in Albania (and throughout the Balkans as well) is byrek, a delicious salty cake made with filo pastry. You can find them anywhere in the country, in all sizes and types. One of the most popular is byrek with spinach, but bars, trucks, and patisserie also sell byrek, often with gjize cheese or meat. All versions are simply delicious!

Fërgesë verore me speca dhe domate

Fërgesë is one of the best and delicious Albanian dishes made with bell peppers, tomatoes and cottage cheese. You can find it throughout most of Tirana and its environs, as it is a signature dish in the Albanian region. Fresh products cooked with and garnished with cream; it’s prime accompanied by homemade bread.


Albanian food that is famous in the Balkans is byrek. Byrek is a delicious salty cake that can be paired with anything like spinach, gjize cheese and meat. Which one do you want?

Tave Kosi

Tavë kosi is recognized by many Albanians as Albania’s national dish (or at least, one of many!), and it’s a traditional dish you can’t leave without trying it.

Tavë kosi is a type of baked casserole, and is made using a base of meat (usually lamb) and yogurt. In fact, yogurt is its main ingredient, and the name tavë kosi can be translated directly into English as “yogurt casserole”. The product is quite different in that the yogurt is prepared by hand using large batches of beaten eggs, giving the dish a quiche-like persistence after baking in the oven.

Speça me gjize

Speça me gjize, one of the most colorful and delicious dishes in the country, is made with yellow, orange, green and red bell peppers which are stuffed with rice, cheese and spices before being baked in the oven. It’s a healthy option and a delicious vegetarian dish too (Albanian gastronomy carries a lot of vegetable options, as you can see).


Baklava is the star of Turkey and the Balkan Peninsula you can find it everywhere when visiting Albania and in many sizes and types. A typical Albanian variant of this familiar pastry is made with nuts, but in bakeries and pastry shops there is a pistachio version, which is even tastier.